Is Rehab Worth the Cost? And, How Do I Pay For It?

While this might seem like a dumb first question:

“Is luxury drug rehab treatment worth the cost?”

Because for most, they think it should have an obvious answer, but for some, it doesn’t.

Of course, they probably don’t want to be an addict forever, but is it worth:

  • Potentially being out of work.
  • Leaving your friends and family.
  • Counseling.
  • Withdraws.
  • The money.

A lot of factors go into a full recovery.

So, many people find themselves wondering if rehab really is worth the cost?

Well, is it?


Of course. Money is a just a worldly thing and a material thing – but what about your relationships?

Through the course of addiction, several relationships are often lost and people find themselves without their closest friends and maybe even their family. But, by going to addiction recovery treatment, you are making that first step to show your family that you are really interested in getting better. You are making a move in the right direction.

Through the course of addiction, money, and income are also lost – not only do you spend the money that you have but you might lose your job which is also your source for getting new money. Oftentimes, it is because you don’t show up or cannot function properly while you are on the job.

But, the great thing about rehab is that if you can successfully finish the treatment program and successfully maintain your sobriety, you can potentially gain all of this back. You can renew the relationships with friends and family and get a new job. So, yes, it is worth the possibility of getting your life back to normal.

But, how do I pay for it?


Well, the unfortunate part about treatment programs is that they are not free – and typically not even cheap for that matter.

But, remember, it is worth it…

You do have a few different options:

  • Health insurance: In the United States, alcoholism and substance use disorders are classified as a medical disease, meaning that your health insurance should cover some of your treatment expenses. While they won’t cover the full expenses, they might cover things such as assessment and detoxification.
  • Financial aid: Just like scholarships in college, many facilities have assistance programs that you might qualify for that could make treatment more affordable.
  • Payment plans: While it might not save you any money, a payment plan will help spread the cost out, allowing you to pay as you earn it pretty much – it gives you time to make the money a little bit at a time rather than one lump sum.

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