Five signs that an individual has a mental health problem

Mental health problems are also known as mental illnesses, characterized by a broad range of conditions that affect an individual’s mental illness.

These mental health problems affect the thinking, mood, and behaviors of an individual. Hence, they prevent an individual’s normal life from functioning well.

Here are some signs that an individual has a mental health problem:  

  • Unnecessary anxiety and worry

If you notice that an individual gets worried unnecessarily, it might mean that they have a mental illness. Such people worry even when nothing is happening. They find it hard to get their minds off some things because they are always overthinking.

  • Prolonged sadness

Have you seen someone whose mood does not get better after a sad event that occurred a long time ago? Such people are likely suffering from mental health problems. Sadness is a normal human emotion that we experience when something unpleasant happens.

With time, the feeling of sadness fades off and you begin to forget about the event. However, someone with a mental health problem will remain sad for a long period.

  • Withdrawal from social circles

Someone suffering from a mental health problem will not want to be seen in social circles. They feel awkward around people so they feel staying away from people would be best.

If you notice that someone deliberately tries not to be around people, then it is likely that they have a mental health problem. Such people will even keep a considerable distance from their friends, acquaintances, and normal life activities.  

  • Insomnia and Somnolencia

Another common symptom of a mental health problem is either the inability to sleep or excess sleeping. You will notice that they either find it difficult to sleep, or they sleep excessively. 

  • Being unable to concentrate

If you observe that someone you know finds it hard to concentrate, then they most likely have a mental health problem. You will notice that their mind is always wandering around, being unable to remain in one place.

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