The Danger of Victimhood

Oftentimes, it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves…

It is easy to pity ourselves and feel bad for ourselves, to feel like we are the victim.

Especially when it comes to something negative like addiction, it is much easier to say “it is because of x,y,z,” rather than owning up to our weakness and addiction. We are always quick to blame things on other people or other things.

This is where victimhood comes in:

What is victimhood?


Assuming the role of the victim is when you adopt a way of thinking that makes you act and feel helpless. You might find yourself saying things like:

“I’ve lost everything. I have nobody. Life is so awful.”

“I’ve already burned too many bridges.”

“Is there anything even worth pursuing anymore?”

“Will I ever become anything more than an addict?”

Why do people assume this role?


Most people, especially addicts, assume the victim role to take the blame off of themselves. They don’t want to feel at fault when it is much easier if it is someone else’s fault. It is also much easier to manipulate someone else when “it isn’t your fault.”

But, victimhood is dangerous…


Especially for an addict, this is a dangerous state to enter into.

The victimhood mindset tells you that it isn’t your fault, that you are already too far in, that you won’t amount to anything.

Suddenly, it goes from simply blaming it on someone else to feeling completely down on yourself and hopeless.

But, this is dangerous because not only does this hinder recovery by taking away any motivation you might have; it also can increase your likelihood to use and abuse drugs or alcohol.

The victim mindset can send you into a downward spiral…

It promotes a low self-esteem and feelings of helplessness.

But, you don’t have to be a victim. Yes, you are a victim of the disease of addiction, but thankfully, it is a disease you can overcome. It starts with some determination and fighting off the feelings of victimhood.


You are stronger than the disease.

You can get better.

You are not helpless.

You are not worthless.

Seek counseling if you find yourself feeling like this because it can lead to unhealthy scenarios both mentally and physically.

Let someone remind you of the truth – because victimhood won’t let you remind yourself of it.

You will overcome your addiction and you will no longer be a victim.

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